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Asthma and HBOT
By Dr. James M.D. U.K.

Oxygen is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and asthma has been successfully treated by oxygen, especially at increased atmospheric pressure. The Russians presented data on the successful treatment of asthma in the International Congress Moscow 1981. Over the last 19 years operating high dosage oxygen therapy in the community many patients with MS in our charity have also had asthma and have found a much-reduced requirement for inhalers. NONE of the patients have had chest radiographs but of course all have had gas trapping in the lung. (It is not possible to remove it all by exhalation) We do advise patients if they have severe colds to use a decongestant, but the inflammation is considerably helped by oxygen.

Wolfson Hyperbaric Medicine Unit
University of Dundee


An Extensive Physical Exam by a Hyperbaric Oxygen Trained Physician is highly Recommended Plus Pulmonary Studies, and X-rays.

K.K. Jain
Text Book of Hyperbaric Oxygen Medicine, Vol. 3

Efuni (1984) used HBOT in 92 patients with dust induced bronchitis. There was improvement in 88.9% of the patients as determined by tolerance to physical exercise and blood gas measurements. This is the only report from the USSR, and we find there are no studies in the Western Literature.

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