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Every year, thousands of children suffer brain damage as the result of near drowning, choking, near hanging, near-electrocution, cardiac arrest, cyanide and carbon monoxide poisoning, and lightening strikes. These incidents deprive areas of the brain of vital new change oxygen, causing an anoxic ischemic encephalopathy (AIE), which in severe cases can result in coma. Swelling cuts off the brainís blood supply, leading to the accumulation of toxic levels of cell wastes which further aggravates the swelling. HBOT can, at times, break this vicious cycle by constricting the brainís blood vessels, while delivering more healing oxygen deep within the tissue to repair AIE damage.

Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics has treated numerous near drowning patients over the last 10 years with improvement in quality of life and in some recovery! See our Testimonials on this site. We have treated patients of all ages.

Every patient is unique in response to HBOT. Please ask for a packet of information and speak with your treating physician about the use of HBOT for your loved one.

  • Some patients need more treatment than others.
  • Physical therapy of all types is recommended for brain injury
  • Research new therapies adding these to HBOT
  • Look outside the box for new treatments
  • Hyppotherapy near our office: Canyon Ranch Physical Therapy, Inc
  • 909-370-2270
  • Patterning/ masking therapies
  • Range of motion therapy
  • Non- drug diet related therapy for seizures
  • Foundation for the Blind has programs for visual impairment

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